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Leadership and quality

Quality is guaranteed

Kuban State Technological University is the first educational establishment of the Krasnodar Kray that has made its own system of quality management. It is an essential part of the overall control system and is aimed at ensuring quality results of educational, research and other spheres of the University’s activity.

KubSTU presented its own system of quality management at the contests arranged by the administration of the Krasnodar Kray in the field of quality (2002) and by the Federal Controlling Agency in the sphere of education — Systems Ensuring the Quality of Professional Training (2005). The University won both of these contests.

In 2009 KubSTU’s system of quality management was certified as the one meeting the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and in 2012 it was successfully recertified. Certification was made in the development and implementation of educational programmes of higher and graduate professional training, programmes of supplementary education, scientific activity and innovation project control in accordance with the University fields.

In 2012 the University’s system of quality management was certified in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation — GOST P ISO 9001-2008 and GOST P 52614.2-2006. Kuban State Technological University proved its devotion to quality through its participation in the assessment of the University activity according to the model of the European Fund of Quality Management EFQM: in 2008 the University got the level «Acknowledged perfection» 4 stars, in 2011 the level was raised to 5 stars.

Within the framework of the programme «Leaders of the XXI century» the University was awarded «European Quality» for its attempt to reach a high quality of products and services in accordance with European standards. KubSTU is registered in the Euroregister of the European Organization of Quality.