Strategic Partnership

The University is developing its relations with strategic partners on condition of mutual cooperation. There is a close contact with the Krasnodar region Administration, the related departments of the region. The University is cooperating with the Legislative Assembly in different areas: the economic and social development of the region, food quality, field training of undergraduates. The Law on Bread has been initiated by the University scientists. For the first time in the course of mutual cooperation with the bodies of legislative power of Russia subjects a branch of the Department of Industrial and Regional Management (KubSTU) has been opened in the Legislative Assembly to organize training in the field of «State and Municipal Management».

The University has a long-term experience in mutual cooperation with the employers of graduates. The main stimulus of partner relations with them is a mutual desire to increase the quality of professional training. The qualified specialist is the one whose professional and personal qualities meet the requirements of a potential employer. The federal state standards of programs for multi-level higher professional training stipulate the participation of employers in determining the content of educational programs and supplying the training process with all necessary resources, thus making strategic partnership with employers particularly important.

Every year up to 50 new agreements on cooperation with various organizations, enterprises and organizations are made. Among KubSTU’s partners are the «OOO Nestle-Kuban» company, the «OOO KLAAS», the «OAO Phillip Morris Kuban», the «ZAO Schneider Electric», the «Savings Bank of Russia», the «Rosneft-NTTS» oil company, the «OAO NIPIgazpererabotka», Gazprom subsidiaries, the Federal Customs Agency in the Krasdnodar region, the State Labour Inspection of the Krasnodar region and many others.

We are open to cooperate with educational institutions, businesses, governmental bodies and other interested organizations, who share our values.