Training of overseas students

KubSTU was the first educational establishment of the Kuban Region that opened its doors to foreign students in 1948. For 65 years the diploma of KubSTU has been awarded to almost 3500 graduates from 70 countries.

The main priority for the University international activity is to consolidate the University position in the world educational research medium through academic mobility of students and teaching staff, to enlarging the scope of language teaching and professional training for overseas students. The basis for its realization are the principles of internationalism and tolerance.

KubSTU cooperates with more than 20 universities of France, Germany, Great Britain, the USA, China, Mongolia, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. The main form of cooperation is academic exchange with other universities in the field of teaching, scientific research, professional training. Other forms include organization of international scientific conferences and workshops, publication of the results of joint research work, participation in international contests and programs. Every year students, postgraduates, teachers and scientists are awarded international research grants and grants of the President of Russia to do research at the University or abroad.

Every year about 550 overseas students get professional training, among them 90 students who study Russian at the Faculty for overseas students. The graduates can continue their studies as postgraduates and get Cand. Sc. Degree.