KubSTU Guide for international students Youth policy: activity and creativity

Youth policy: activity and creativity

«To be active and creative» is the students’ life style at KubSTU that stimulates self-improvement and development.

Only professional and social commitment help young people to meet the challenges of modern time. That is why one of the priorities of KubSTU youth policy is the involvement of young people with social life. For the first time in the system of higher education of the Kuban Region in close cooperation with the Electoral Commission of the Krasnodar Kray the University has elected leader of students’ self-government. Now the Student Union that unites the youth of KubSTU can take the initiative in promoting the ideas of the students.

Students take part in social activities, contests, festivals and many other projects. The University programme «Practical scientific realization of students’ self-development to form the intellectual potential of Russia in accordance with the interest of the person, society and state» is the winner of the contest held by the RF Ministry of Education and Science and got the budget financing of 40 mln. rbl. Within a framework of this programme the projects «The Faculty of Leaders» and «Small Academy of Management» have been realized.

The University has a favourable atmosphere and good conditions for students and the staff to realize principles of healthy life and fitness. The sportscentre «Polytechnic» has 5 sports halls 3000 sq m in area, about 20 groups that are trained in different kinds of sport. It regularly hosts sports competitions of different kinds.

The University stadium has been reconstructed, new technologies and materials being used. Sports achievements of students and the personnel are impressive, especially thoses of the basketball team «Sparta-KubSTU» and the volleyball team «Dinamo-KubSTU». The University Women Mini-football Team got the 3rd place at the International Student Competition in France. All this side by side with the measures realized within the framework of the Target KubSTU Health programme has allowed the University to become the winner at the RF Ministry of Education and Science contest and get the right to be called «The Educational Establishment of Healthy Life Style».

The students and personnel can develop their vocal talants, acting and dancing skills at the Cultural and Creative Centre of the University. Amateur groups of the University win festivals and contest every year. KubSTU students are active participants of the territorial festival «Legendy Tamany» (Legends of the Taman). Those who like poetry gather together in the Literaty Lounge «Svetlana».

The University has always been the leader of student labour group movement in the Kuban Region. The active participants of volunteer groups «Nadezhda» (Hope) and «Ot serdtsa k serdtsy» (From heart to heart) are taking part in various social actions and projects, helping children from orphanages, saving people’s life , donating their blood.

The students of the University expressed their sympathy for people in disaster areas through active participarion in students’ rescue teams helping residents of the Tuapse region and Krymsk who suffered flooding.