KubSTU Guide for international students The contribution to the Olympic Movement

The contribution to the Olympic Movement

The University got the right to organize a Volunteer centre for the XXII winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Games in Sochi as a result of its victory in the All-Russian contest.

The «Polytechnic» centre of KubSTU trains volunteers in «Technology» and «Sport». The University got thanks from the Olympic Committee «Sochi 2014» for its active participation in sports events during the XXX Summer Olympic Games in London and the All-Russian action «500 days till the Games».

Kuban State Technological University is system of the Educational Scientific Innovative Technological Consortium of universities in the field of service and founded the Regional Training and Retraining Professional Centre for the Olympic Service personnel.

The students construction groups «Zodchiy» (Architect) and «Atlant» are taking part in the All-Russian Student Construction Movement building facilities for the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.