Post Graduate Education

1. Foreign citizens and stateless persons have a right to get post graduate education according to the Russian Federation treaties, federal laws and quotas set by the Russian Government for international students or stateless persons (including those admitted by referrals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation)

2. The submission of documents: from June 15th to August 17th The entrance exam to KUBSTU (for post graduate programmers)
  • Philosophy, August 20th, August 21th
  • Foreign language, August 24th
  • Specialty (depend on science sphere), August 26th
3. Foreign citizens have to submit in person the following documents:
  • a notarized copy of the identity document with its translation into Russian. All the translations must be made for the name of person in the entry visa;
  • a copy of the entry visa (if required);
  • the original of the document of high education upon the state standard or the original of the document of education issued by a foreign state acknowledged in Russia, or (if necessary) the orderly legalized original of the document of education issued by a foreign state and the academic transcripts (when envisaged);
  • another document that foreign student should filling out you can find here.

Information for those who are going to defend a dissertation

1. For plagiarism checking aspirant should prepare document from department and provide dissertation work in DOCX. format (for candidates dissertation percent of plagiarism can be no more than 20 , for doctoral dissertation – 10)

2. The next step is preparing documents for predefend event in department

3. Aspirant or doctoral should pass the export control and prepare special document for it (Room A-513, 2, Moskovskaya st., Bld. A, Krasnodar, 350072, Gamanchenko M.A.)

4. Publishing dissertation on organization web site:

  • For those, who are going to defend in Dissertation Board of Kuban State Technological University:
    • dissertation work (PDF. Format)
    • supervisor’s review
    • application to publication of dissertation (with signature of main prorector)
    • petition from rector of the outside organization (if you have been preparing your dissertation in outside organization)
    • export control checking
  • For those, who are going to defend in outside organization
    • petition to the rector of the outside organization
    • conclusion of the department
    • document of candidate exam passing
    • dissertation work (PDF. Format