Mission statement

KubSTU’s mission: contribution to the technological Independence of the Kuban and Russia through the training of engineering personnel with world-class expertise and great Civil responsibility, the creation of scienceintensive products and their transfer into the high-tech fields of economy.

KubSTU’s vision: Strengthening the position of a recognized leader in the field of engineering and highly qualified personnel training, mid-level specialists, a research-type scientific and education center integrated into the global educational system while preserving and developing the best traditions of a national engineering school that has partnerships with major European and Eurasian universities and high-tech industries implementing high-quality innovative multidisciplinary research projects, multi-level educational programs and technologies, which is a guarantor of the fact that its graduates and scientific and pedagogical staff are able to solve important tasks related to the future technological development of Russia.

The main values of KubSTU: the staff aimed at innovation and improvement; students and graduates that can generate ideas, devoted to Russia, their Alma Mater and professional community, their family, traditional Russian values. The basis for all activity — trust, honesty, leadership, academic freedom and plurality of opinions, social security of teachers and students, cultural compatibility in partner relations.