Public and professional acknowledgement

Public acknowledgement of the University is reflected in its position in various ratings.

In the business rating of higher education made by the all-Russian public organization «Delovaya Rossiya» that was made to assess the efficiency of higher educational establishments from the point of view of labor market KubSTU was included into the top 60 Russian educational establishments whose graduates are in demand in the domestic market and make successful professional careers.

Kuban State Technological University is included into 100 top educational establishments of Russia on the basis of the rating made by the leading rating agency «Expert RA».

The position occupied by the University among Russia’s leading educational establishments reflects the high assessment of the University made by employers, by representatives of academic and scientific groups, as well as by undergraduates and graduates of the universities.

During a number of years 15 fields of the University have been leading in the rating of fields made by the Russian Ministry of Education getting from the 1st to the 3rd places.

The University became the laureate of the Inter-Regional Contest — «The Best Educational Establishments of the Southern Federal Region of 2011».

The curricula of KubSTU have been considered to be among the best according to the estimation made by the Guild of Experts in Professional Training and the National Centre of Professional Accreditation within the framework of the project «The best curricula of innovative Russia». There were 13 educational programs awarded as best curricula of Russia in 2015.

The University has won the contest held within the framework of the program« Russia’s 100 best goods» 4 times. In 2012, 2015 and 2016 it won the contest at the regional and federal levels and also got a diploma for the highest quality of services. A project made at KubSTU was considered to be the laureate of the contest and was given the diploma and the status «A New Product of the Year» and the right to use the golden logo of the project for advertising purposes and to place it on its publications.

The University was awarded “Recognised perfection 5 Stars” by EFQM in 2017.