Kuban State Technological University continues to enhance its global influence through the ongoing development of international links with foreign higher education partners, welcoming international students from more than 50 countries worldwide, organizing variety of events in order to promote better understanding of diversity and interaction with other cultures.

Kuban State Technological University is committed to maintaining the highest academic, science and technological standards and preparing its students to secure rewarding employment on graduation. At the same time, we believe that our students should develop as individuals, personality, gaining in self-confidence and developing a sense of enterprise as well as developing in academic and science areas. You will find that Kuban State Technological University is a lively learning and academic community and a place for personal development.

The University has always been a leader of engineering higher education in Russia providing the highest quality training of professionals for innovative development of all countries worldwide. We are proud of all people who made a significant contribution to formation of the University.

Interim Rector, Professor, Barishev Mikhail Genadievich