A scientific approach

A special role in achieving the task of innovative development of the national economy is given to university research that side by side with fundamental research as the basis of getting knowledge should be oriented towards practical application of the results obtained in the course of applied and experimental investigation.

The University occupies a leading place among the educational establishments of the South of Russia in the field of food industry, machine-tool building, transportation systems, information technologies, technosphere safety, energy and power generators, construction, industrial ecology and safety, chemistry of heterocycling compounds, economics and management. Every year scientists of the University carry out more than 200 research projects.

For the period of almost 100 years the University has founded 30 schools, many of them being known not only in Russia but also abroad.

Upgraded facilities of the research complex that include research educational centres, centres for sharing research equipment, accredited test laboratories, small-scale innovative enterprises, business incubators, student design agencies.

Innovative projects and developments of KubSTU scientists have got highest awards at prestigious international scientific engineering events, among them — the International Invention Showroom «Lepin Contest» in Paris (France), the International Engineering Fair in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), the Moscow International Showroom of Innovations and Investments, the Moscow International Showroom of Industrial Estate «Archimedes», the International Economic Forum in Sochi, etc.

The University has been a leader in the field of invention and patent activity for many years, it has occupied the 1-3rd places in Russia and the 1st in the Southern Federal Region according to the number of patents for inventions. Every year KubSTU gets up to 250 documents for objects of intellectual and industrial property.

The economic effect of implementing scientific developments made by the University scientists at the regional enterprises exceeds 700 mln rbl a year.

A scientific industrial cluster «Modern wasteless technologies for designing, production and food product quality estimation» that has united efforts of scientists and professionals of the leading Kuban educational establishments and research institutes of the Russian Academy of Agriculture to create and introduce innovative technologies in agricultural produce storage and processing has been created and developed on the basis of KubSTU.

The integration of teaching with science and industry is also carried out with participation of students and postgraduates who take part in scientific engineering programmes and innovative projects.