Admission requirements

1. Foreign citizens and stateless persons have a right to get higher education at the expense of budgetary funds in accordance with the Russian Federation treaties, federal laws and quotas set by the Russian Government for international students or stateless persons (including those admitted by referrals of the Ministry of Science Higher Education of the Russian Federation), as well as at individual person’s or legal entity’s expense in accordance with contracts of study.

2. Foreign citizens for whom visas are necessary can only enter for study at the Kuban State Technological University at the invitation of the University. In order to get the invitation for entry to Russia, a foreign citizen must send to the International Department of the KubSTU the following documents:

an application,

a copy of passport with the expiry date no earlier than a 1 year and a half after the intended arrival,

a copy of the document of education and its translation into Russian certified by a notary public of its validity on the territory of the Russia.

Address: International Activities Support Department, Room A-523, 2, Moskovskaya st., Bld. A, Krasnodar, 350072
Fax: (861) 274-68-11

The documents for obtaining an invitation to enter Russia have to be submitted before June 1. After examining the documents, in case of approval we issue an invitation to enter the country. The period of issuing the invitation is about thirty days.

3. The admission procedures for foreign citizens and stateless persons applying for the university degrees programs on the contracts of study including payable educational services shall take place on the following dates:

The submission of documents: from April 16th to June 9th 2018.

The entrance exam to KubSTU:

Bachelor’s degree

  • from 20th June to 26th July, 2018 – documents reception
  • tests: Mathematics & Russian language – from 27th July to 8th August, 2018

Master’s degree

  • from 20th June to 21th July, 2018 – documents reception
  • written test: from 22th to 27th July, 2018

4. While submitting the documents (Room A-523, 2 Moskovskaya street) a foreign citizen has to check and sign his/her application form (MS Word, 39 кБ) in Russian in person. Alongside with the application form a foreign citizen has to submit in person the following documents:

  • a notarized copy of the identity document with its translation into Russian. All the translations must be made for the name of person in the entry visa;
  • a copy of the entry visa (if required);
  • the original of the document of education upon the state standard or the original of the document of education issued by a foreign state acknowledged in Russia, or (if necessary) the orderly legalized original of the document of education issued by a foreign state and the academic transcripts (when envisaged).
  • the certificate issued by the Rosobrnadzor of acknowledgement of the original of the document of education (if necessary) which gives a right to study in the field specified in the application form;
  • a notarized copy of the document of education with its translation into Russian. The translation may be notarized either by a public notary in Russia or by Russian Consulate in the country of issue of the document;
  • the referral for study at the KubSTU issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia for foreign citizens get higher education at the expense of Federal budgetary funds;
  • the certificate of completing the foundation course at the Preparatory Faculty for foreign citizens (if available);
  • the results of the National Examinations passed not earlier than 4 years before the of the dates of the application and admission process, including the entrance testing, and valid on the date of the Federal Law coming in force;
  • the original and its notarized translation into Russian of the health certificate with the list of absence of particular diseases, including HIV infection, specified in Regulation of Russia Government No 188 of April 2, 2003 (the medical examination have to take place not earlier than three months before the beginning of studies);
  • six photos sized 3 by 4 cm (on matt art paper).