Tuition fees

Tuition fees for foreign citizens and stateless persons in Bachelor’s degree’s programmes in 2014—2015 academic year

Name of the programme Fees in Russian Rubles (RUR)
Construction 106120 RUR
Informatics and computer engineering 106120 RUR
Applied informatics 106120 RUR
Software engineering 106120 RUR
Heat-and-power engineering and thermal engineering 106120 RUR
Electric power engineering and electrical engineering 106120 RUR
Automation of manufacturing processes and production 106120 RUR
Design and technological maintenance of mechanical productions 106120 RUR
Refrigerating, cryogenic engineering and life supporting systems 106120 RUR
Chemical engineering 106120 RUR
Food products from plant raw materials 106120 RUR
Animal foods 106120 RUR
Technology of products and catering organization 106120 RUR
Technosphere safety 106120 RUR
Oil and gas engineering 106120 RUR
Land survey and cadaster 106120 RUR
Technology of transport processes 106120 RUR
Operation of transport-technological machines and complexes 106120 RUR
Standardisation and metrology 106120 RUR
Control in technical systems 106120 RUR
Economics 106120 RUR
Management 106120 RUR
State and municipal management 106120 RUR
Commodity research 106120 RUR
Sociology 106120 RUR
  • Foundation courses aimed at admission to the KubSTU for engineering and economic programs from 50 000 rubles per academic year;